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REIDDL was created with the ambition to provide the state - of - the - art Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence solutions for companies and public institutions.

Digital technologies and data are the vanguard of a multi-faceted transition. Non-linear optimization and Machine Learning technology provide tools to master this transition and focus on opportunities generated by it. At Reiddl Technologies, we identify and solve value-creation riddles for businesses and public institutions.

REIDDL is a company developing products and providing services in:
- Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology
- Data Management and Security.

REIDDL constantly expands its network by recruiting and promoting synergies and strategic partnerships with research groups and software shops in its field of interests.

The proven experience of our associates

REIDDL employs experts with proven international track record in order to provide the highest quality services.

Our distributed leadership model

REIDDL is an agile company based on a diverse network of experts, in addition to our core team, designed to fit the evolving objectives of our clients. We customize our project teams based on the needs of the client and the riddles to solve.


We provide integrated services to improve existing operations and launch new ones using data analysis.
We deploy the full range of modern data exploration and analysis techniques from
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Predictive API Technology: Prediction APIs based on powerful deep learning algorithms that can deliver accurate real-time prediction at industrial scale.

Predictive Maintenance: Prediction of service disruptions and equipment malfunction to reduce costs and improve service quality.

Predictive Trading: Forecasting of risk metrics, price volatilities and price movements with new generation of AI predictive algorithms.

Visual Big Data Analysis of business processes and pipelines to detect and remove inefficiencies; improve response times and reduce costs.

AI-driven design of Smart Technologies: Design of Smart hardware and software applications using ML.

Smart City: Strategy and applications for smart city projects.

Analysis of Tourist Activity: Big Data analysis of tourism. Flows, patterns, demographics (per nation).

Transportation Planning: Analysis and simulation of time series, modes of transport, flow patterns for transportation networks.

Anomaly Detection: ML and statistical systems for anomaly detection, as in financial fraud detection or for cyber-security.

GDPR Compliance: Technical and legal assessment, gap analysis, compliance road map, implementation, training. 

Marketing powered by AI: Machine learning-SEO, algorithmic targeting, dynamic pricing, minimizing churn.

Optimization of Customer & Operational: Optimal solutions to operations, logistics, data warehouse and resource allocation problems using nonlinear methods.

New Product & Service Innovation Enhancement: Integrating AI capabilities in products and data-driven product design.

AI-driven design of Data Infrastructure: Design and Architecture of data infrastructure to enhance compliance, security and value generation.

Deep Learning models: Computer vision, automatic speech recognition, video processing & automatic recognition, natural language processing, activity detection, analytics & recognition.


Statement of the company's management on its commitments and goals (the text is in Greek).



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Academia Building, Akadimia Platonos,
104 41 Athens, Greece

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